Thursday, May 8, 2008

iMac's 10th birthday

Happy Birthday, iMac!

iMac Turns 10
"Users at the time complained of the lack of a floppy drive and the switch to using USB almost exclusively for peripherals -- a sharp break from Apple's reliance on SCSI and its in-house Apple Desktop Bus standard. The move was later regarded as forward-thinking and contributing to the iMac's ease of use."

Well, that's not exactly how it happened. Users didn't complain because they hadn't been using floppy drives. We at Microsoft paid the pundits in the industry to tell people that people were complaining. It was so effective that everyone thinks it really happened.

What really happened was the people started switching to the Mac, despite advice from the pundits. Pundits themselves started to take note of the systems, and couldn't deny the appeal of the radical departure from traditional PC design aesthetic, or rather, lack entirely thereof.

The rest of the quoted sentence is grammatically flawed, so the intent of its author is unclear. However, it would appear to imply that Apple Insider are suggesting that users complained about the switch from closed architecture proprietary connectors to open standards like USB. That's the first I ever heard of that. Like most of what they write, they just made that up.

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