Thursday, June 26, 2008

Intel puts the squeeze on Microsoft

Some folks got all excited that Intel might be pondering a switch to the Macintosh for their corporate computing platform, after reading this article: Et Tu, Intel? Chip Giant Won’t Embrace Microsoft’s Windows Vista. That's not going to happen. Like most of the Fortune 500, Intel has got themselves so tightly wound around interlocking and ever changing Microsoft components, like almost-but-not-quite open directory servers, not-even-remotely-open Microsoft Office document formats, and compliant-with-open-standards-only-by-court-decree API that they can't leave us.

Intel is just putting the squeeze to us here at Microsoft. They essentially want us to give them Vista for free and beg them to upgrade.

No deal.

By Monday it will be them over there at Microsoft. I can hardly wait.

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