Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Symbian is toast

Here's why Symbian is not relevant.

1. They have a Vice President of Strategy
2. Who says that their goal is for symbian OS "to become the most widely used software on the planet"
3. And who says that in order to achieve their goal they need:
(a) new offices,
(b) a new system of voting.

John Forsyth actually thinks that changing the way the committee of Symbian deciders (sarcasm intended) decide what the default colors are and which of four unfathomable options will become the new default icon for "send an email" will make any diference.

new symbian launches mobile free-for-all

Hint: it's the lousy lowest common destupidator approach which will be your undoing. Microsoft, at least, will be capable of learning the right lessions from iPhone. It's probably a bit too early to short any stock tied up with symbian, but that day will come.

Hint 2: with 2 billion cell phones on the planet, the vast majority of them designed in the Bi (Before iPhone) era, in all liklihood symbian already blew its chance o become the most widely used software on the planet. Set some goals that might cause companies to stop trying (in vain) to license OSX, and maybe you'll get a second chance.

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