Friday, August 1, 2008

Apple slips the purple helmeted shaft to iPhone developers

A frustrated iPhone developer blind carbon copied me on this email they sent to Apple:

Sonofadamnbitch I'm so fucking mad at all you fucking iPhone Application Store fucks at fucking Apple.

Whatever the fuck you did to fuck our database record so we can't generate a proper certificate, which in turn prevents us from shipping the application we invested many tens of thousand of dollars to build, which in turn prevents us from generating any revenue from the application, is *still* not fucking fixed, even though you've told us several times now, "OK, it's fixed."

Every fucking week it's the same fucking thing.
We fixed it.
No you fucking didn't.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
It's fixed now.
No, no it's fucking bloody not fucking fixed.

If I wanted this kind of fucking treatment, I would develop applications for fucking Microsoft. Oh, wait. If I did that, a simple fucking db error at Microsoft wouldn't BLOCK REVENUE GENERATION FOR A MONTH WITH NO HOPE IN SIGHT WHILE MY LAME-ASS COMPETITION RUNS OFF WITH MY MARKET SHARE.


This is the kind of thing that drives developers into becoming postal workers as a lifestyle stress reduction step.


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