Saturday, February 9, 2008

iFob - Social Networking for Your Real Life

OK, so everybody knows I quit FaceBook. The Register has half the story, which is basically that FaceBook, and MySpace and all the other social networking web sites, suck. I found something better, iFob. Ballmer, if we have any money left over after buying Yahoo, we oughtta buy these iFob guys. The next generation of social networking is actually gonna be, well, social.

MySpace is desperately trying to catch up with last year's state of the art in social networking sites. Meanwhile, people are getting bored with poking virtual people they never actually make eye contact with, and weary of the privacy-invading policies of these sites, which make money from advertising, and mainly by selling information about their users to advertisers.

iFob is showing the way to the future of social networking. Much to the dismay of advertisers everywhere, it's taking place in real time, in coffee shops, between people.

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