Saturday, February 9, 2008

iPhone 3G

The Mac Rumor mill hasn't yet jumped on this, but they will soon enough. Broadcom's ( highly anticipated) next generation highly integrated SoC for 3G phones will be showcased at the 2008 Mobile World Congress trade show in Barceloona, Spain, next week. Although the chip being pre-announced and talked about publicly doesn't appear to have quite the right feature combination for a 3G iPhone, you can expect that an iPhone version of a chip like this is right behind it. Or ahead of it. Recall this was the case with the specially packaged Intel chip for the MacBook Air, which may show up in laptops by other makers later.

When iPhone 3G hits the market, expect David Pogue to get one at least a few days before you can get one, so he can do a product review.

Expect Walt Mossberg to get one after you get one, and after all the early adopters get one, and probably after John C. Dvorak gets one. My sources tell me that Walt's unit will be "lost in shipping" for several weeks, as a gentle lesson in the fine art of maintaining early access to cool new products by not trashing them like he did the MacBook Air.

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