Thursday, June 28, 2007

Apple ships iPhone; Nokia responds by "restructuring"

It's time to short Nokia.

A quick check as Nasdaq shows that investors today bought Research in Motion, Palm, Motorola, and Nokia stock, while selling stock in Apple.

As everyone on Wall Street knows, Apple will ship iPhone tomorrow.

This week Apple announced:

Furthermore, Steve Jobs boosted Apple employee moral to the stratosphere by promising to give all 17,787 employees an iPhone in July.

Today Nokia responded to this onslaught of new technology, new business models, and clever talent retention tactics from Apple by issuing a press release, which describes their internal restructuring plan and layoffs of 700 employees. This plan follows only three years on the heels of their previous restructuring plan, and undoes (puts three groups together) most of what the last plan (put three groups asunder) did.

Short Nokia. That's all I'm saying. Short Wall Street, too. 'Tards. Fell for the old "lay some people off to stop the stock free fall" ploy.

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