Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ballmer ticks me off

I finally broke down and called Steve to see if he would arrange to put an iPhone in a secret drop location for me to have Smithers have somebody pick up. A while back he said he would, but Ballmer told me I couldn't have one. I finally figured I could get one if I damn well wanted, and thought it might be fun to get one early. I was even going to tweak Ballmer. Smithers was going to call me while I was in a meeting with him, so that lovely Marimba ring would go off in my pocket. I was going to ignore the ring. Smithers was going to call back. It was going to drive him absolutely nuts.

But Steve wouldn't take the bait. So I asked him flat out, and he kinda hemmed and hawed a bit, then he mentioned something about having somebody set it up and get back to me. I figured my chances were about those of a snowball in hell of getting one early.

Then he blogged about it. Gates Just Called.

This is the Steve Ballmer interview that he mentions:

Ballmer wins again. He's a smart guy, you see. He mouthed off about the iPhone on purpose, knowing full well it would tick Steve off and I wouldn't get an early iPhone. Bastard.

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